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Egypt Shore Excursions

Limited time can make it challenging to fully experience its rich history and culture.

Don't miss the chance to explore Egypt’s iconic landmarks due to poor planning or crowded group tours. Opt for our Egypt Shore Excursions, tailored for cruise passengers to maximize your time and explore the best of Egypt with personalized, expert-guided tours. Book now and transform a brief stop into an unforgettable journey!
Sharm Tour Package with Nile Cruise
Discover Egypt’s ancient wonders with our Tours from Alexandria Port. Visit the Pyramids, Cairo’s treasures, or Luxor’s temples in a day. Tailored for cruise passengers, ensuring a memorable and efficient exploration. Experience history with expert guides.
Embark on a historical adventure with our Tours from Port Said. Explore iconic Egyptian sites like the Pyramids, Cairo, and more. Perfectly tailored for cruise passengers, these tours offer a deep dive into Egypt’s rich heritage with expert guidance.
Experience the magic of Egypt with our Tours from Safaga. Journey to Luxor’s majestic temples and tombs, or explore vibrant local markets. Perfectly tailored for cruise travelers, ensuring a culturally rich and unforgettable exploration.
Explore beyond Jordan with our Tours from Aqaba Port. Venture to Egypt’s iconic landmarks, including Luxor and Cairo, or discover Petra and Wadi Rum closer to home. Perfect for cruise passengers seeking adventure and cultural immersion.

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