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Aswan High Dam

It was was considered one of the most important achievements of the last century in Egypt, for many years symbolizing the New Era after 1952. Today It provides Egypt with water and electricity, and secures the country from the risk of the destructive inundation of the River Nile.

After the revolution of July 1952 against the Royal family in Egypt, the President announced his proposal for building the High Dam. When western countries refused to co-operate, he turned to the Soviet union for support. The work began on the 9th January 1960 and the completed dam was opened in the spring of 1971. This gigantic building is 111m tall, 3.5Km in length and about 1Km wide! It has a Hydro-electric plant, with 6 turbines, capable of producing 2.1 million kilowatts.

As a result of its construction, a great lake was formed, Lake Nasser, which is about 10 km wide in some places, and 500km long. extending between Egypt and The Sudan – the worlds largest man-made lake! This lake also has an immense fish population, which is commercially exploited.

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