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Select hotels in Egypt

Select hotels in Egypt

Which hotel category you can choose when you thinking of traveling to the Pharaohs land Egypt ?

Egypt day tours consultant will help you to get the answer of this question It’s reply important to understand the nature and the standard when it comes to accommodation in any country in the world specially Africa and the middle East and Egypt in related to both of them

For sure there are a plenty of options to choose from and all of it depends on your budget

But there one fact you need to consider when you book any category whether you going to book ( three stars, four stars , five stars or even the luxury hotels ) that the hotels Quality standards in Egypt is much different than anywhere else in the world like ( USA – Europe etc. ) for example if you would like to book a four stars hotel expect a three stars or maybe lower comparing to the worldwide standard which you might try anywhere else in the world .

Website Hotel platforms

Nowadays you will find a lot of online websites which provide too many options you can choose from depending on your budget and each listed hotel at any platform you will easily find the travelers reviews and comments regarding the quality of the hotel , the service and any other aspect the traveler might like or dislike this reviews will help you to make a better decision based on them but at the end this reviews and comments are subject to their owners opinion they might like something you don’t like But the opposite is correct you might like something they don’t like .

Hotels in Cairo

Cairo is a very large city there you will find many options from hostels to Luxury hotels

If you are welling to book online through any platform the travelers review will help you
in case you going to book through a travel agent or tour operator they will advise you with the recommend hotel which they are dealing with which they received a positive feedback from their clients but if you want particular hotel you simply can request it you will find flexible travel agent or tour operator who will Fulfills your requests and you might find other who is not that flexible my advice is to book with the flexible agent who got good repetition which you can find easily online

At the end its all depend on your budget no matter where you going to stay hostels or a fancy hotel you will enjoy Egypt to the limit and witness the greatness of the ancient Egyptians.

At the following list you will find some hotels might make easier for you to make a decision but that’s not all there millions of choices suites all travelers

5 Stars Hotels in Cairo:

  • Le Méridien Pyramids Hotel & Spa.
  • Cairo Pyramids Hotel – Steigenberger .

Cairo 4 Stars hotels :

  • Mercure Cairo Le Sphinx Hotel.
  • Grand Pyramids Hotel.
  • Amarante Pyramids Hotel.

3 Stars Cairo hotels:

  • Aracan Pyramids Hotel (Formerly Horizon Pyramids)

Luxury 5 Star Hotels in Cairo

  • Marriot Mena House Hotel
  • Fairmont Nile City

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5 stars hotels in Alexandria

  • Tulip
  • Azur
  • Hilton Alexandria Corniche
  • Sheraton Montazah

Alexandria 4 Stars Hotel :

  • Grand Royal

3 Stars Hotel in Alexandria

  • Plaza Hotel


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Aswan Hotels

5 Stars

  • Iberotel Aswan
  • LTI Pyramisa Isis Island Resort

4 Stars

  • Basma hotel
  • Isis Corniche

3 Stars

  • Nile Hotel

Sharm El-sheikh Hotels

5 Stars

  • Maritim (Peninsula)

4 Stars

  • Amarante garden palms
  • Gardenia Plaza

3 Stars

  • Falcon Naama star

Hurghada Hotels

5 Stars

  • Sonesta Pharaoh

4 Stars

  • Sultan Beach Hotel

Luxor Hotels

5 Stars

  • Steigenberger Luxor
  • Pyramisa Isis Hotel

4 Stars

  • Lotus hotel

Dahab hotels :

5 Stars

  • Hilton Dahab

4 Stars

  • MercureDahab bay view Coralia Club Dahab

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