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Montaza Garden

Montazah Palace in Alexandria, Montaza garden visit

Alexandria is the second biggest city in Egypt after Cairo and it was a custom in the monarchy timethat it is the capital of Egypt in summer time. As the whole Royal family, ministers and all officials would be relocated in summer and stay in Alexandria.

One of the royal palaces was built in Montaza. It was built by Khedive Abbass II, who was the ruler of Egypt and Sudan from 1892 until 1914 and built the Montazah Palace as his summer residence.

After the revolution against the royal family, the garden became open to the public as it is a very pleasant place to relax and walk in Alexandria.

There are two palaces in Montazah Garden: Salamlik palace and Haramlik Palace.

It is a wonderful and highly recommended visit to see the garden, enjoy the trees and plants brought from all over the world and witness the beauty of the palaces.

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