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Egypt entry visa

One of the main questions you think of when you plane to visit any country in the world .

Can I get the visa at the airport once I arrive the country or should I get it before the arrival ?

Egypt day tours Cinsultant will answer this question , Egypt is one of the major countries in the world when it comes to attractions the nature of the land gave Egypt the advantage to be on the bucket list of many tourists around the world . The variety is the key word . The multiplicity of tourism in Egypt has made it a major attraction to the whole world ( Medical tourism – Religious Tourism – Scientific tourism – Recreational tourism – Antique tourism and much more )

About Egypt attractions

In Egypt you will enjoy the red sea in sharm Elshikh or Hurghada and at the other side of Egypt you can enjoy The Mediterranean Sea in Alexandria , witness the greatness of the ancient Egyptians when you visit the pyramids in Cairo and the rest of the endless attractions there and you can enjoy the great Nile and cover Luxor , Aswan and Abu simble on board of a Nile Crusie and campe at the Desert when you Visit ( white dessert or Siwa oasis ) and still much to cover. you can find more information about Egypt travel package and day trip

How you can get your Visa ?

Its not complicated process many nationalities can Get it upon arrival easily or book it on online through the government online website ( USA – Europe – gulf countries and some of middle east countries )

What about the other Nationalities can they get it as well ?

Of course they can but not upon arrival they need to get it before from the Egyptian embassy in their country ( Far east counties – india – Bangladesh – some of middle east countries )

What to do how they get it ?

Its extremely simple

whether you are planning to book your trip by yourself through the online websites without a travel agent all what you have to do is to gather your papers together you need a copy of Everything you booked . Accommodation , international flights – Domestic flights or train tickets – and your tours confirmation there if booked any and of course the rest of the required documents by the embassy and if your papers accepted you get your visa immediately this process usually takes from two or three working weeks

In case you want to book with a travel agent or local tour operator it would be much easier than the previous one first thing they will no better than you so they advise you the best use of your time no matter how long or short and also they will take care of all the small details and everything else and when it comes to the visa once you finalize your itinerary and confirm it with the agent or the tour operator at this point they will provide you the necessary that you will need which states that you booked and confirmed your vacation with them and you will find all the info listed and it’s 90% guaranteed.

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