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Bedouin Dinner Safari in Hurghada

Bedouin Dinner Safari in Hurghada

When you are in Hurghada, you might feel like experiencing the real Bedouin life. The Bedouins are the dewellers of the desert who live in tribes and they still are holding on past customs and traditions. Enjoy a day adventure to get to penetrate this world. Get to know more about the Bedouin’s customs and traditions, experience the Bedouin hospitality in a Bedouin Desert Safari excursion. You will not only enjoy a Bedouin barbeque and tea in the middle of the desert, you will also have a chance to have a star gazing lesson, learn about astral navigation in the bedouin and ancient traditions.

Escape the noisy city, Mobile phone signals and city atmosphere. Get a camel ride to witness the sunset in the desert before setting down for the dinner preparations in the Bedouin tribe ‘s camp.

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