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Aswan Nubian City

Aswan Nubian City

A city on the south western edge of the Nile River, Aswan is southern Egypt’s largest commercial and strategic gateway. It includes important archaeological sites such as the Philae temple  close to the landmark Aswan Dam, and on Agilkia island. Philae’ ruins also include the Temple of Isis, built in the Second Dynasty, and the Columned Temple of Khnum. 

The ancient city has a modern metropolitan look with a busy central business district and a number of shopping malls, as well as a traditional and historic marketplace.

The marketplace features different types of local goods such as ceramics, jewelry, textiles, wooden items, and metalware. The Aswan riverfront was also used as a place for the trade of animals such as horses, camels and cattle, which are found in abundance here.

In addition, the area also has a few shops selling clothing and textiles, such as women’s clothes, and craftsmen’s items, such as pottery.
A lot of tourists visit Aswan when they go on holiday. The city is not only known for its historical and archaeological sites, but also because of its exotic atmosphere, with a number of hotels that cater to all types of budgets. Some of the best Aswan hotels are the Aswan Luxury Resort, the Aswan Heritage Hotel, and the Aswan Royal Luxury Hotel.

The Aswan Royal Luxury Hotel boasts of an exquisite restaurant, which serves a wide range of international cuisine and is located just near the hotel.


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